The 2018 Holiday Quilt is Lit (that's right, 'lit') !
Thank you to those students that contributed their artistic talents :) Enjoy the break. Don't stay inside glued to your screens (except for a little coding practice) - go outside, walk around the city, spend time with friends in person, start a new hobby, and so on...

The 2018-2019 School Year is here
Welcome back for another great school year in the Burnaby North computer lab! We have lots to do and a little less time to do it this year, so lets get coding!

Computer Science 12 AP - An introductory computer programming course that [show/hide]
Game Programming 12 - An introductory programming course aimed at someone who [show/hide]
Media Developement 12 - In this course students select an area of [show/hide]
ICT & 3d Modeling Animation 11/12 - An introduction 3d modeling and animation. [show/hide]
Computers 9/10/11 - An introductory computer science class that focuses on [show/hide]
Daily class content can be found on the school's Lesson Drive. Most of my courses and videos can be found at

Some older material is hanging around at the following links... and videos at


Some sample work from a variety of course topics. Just go some of the links below and browse around to see what students have been making.

Some Photoshop Back To School cards.
Top 10 student made Magazine Covers
Merge two photos and make Fake Photos
A few old photo Restorations
Play teacher themed Hang Person!

Can you find yourself or a friend in the viking? Images have been warped in Photoshop. Go find friends now!
It's nice to be appreciated when you've done something well. Check out whether you've won an award this year and then print it out to put on the fridge at home or your locker at school.
Go to the AWARDS PAGE now...

Students love to write about stuff! Read a bunch of paragraphs that students have written in response to some online articles...

My kids asked me to share their 'funny' jokes with you. They are in grade 1 and 3 so please lower your standards when reading:

What did the baby computer say to his father? [toggle answer]