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Looking at Deep Thought Index# 44

The article ‘Internet Addiction: Too Much Time Online’ discusses the media consumption taken in by youths. I personally believe that most teenagers spend too much time online, but a lot of that consumption isn’t bad or a problem. I personally use the internet for a variety of things. Other than the quick minute checks on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, I use the internet to read about the latest news or interesting articles. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet for watching movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, and play video games. However, these hobbies can be a problem if there is an excessive amount of consumption. I use the internet about 2-3 hours a day on weekdays. Half of which, is doing something productive, and the other half going towards hobbies. The problem I have with this article is that I doubt many people are actually ‘addicted’ to the internet because ‘addiction’ is something that you can’t live without. If you can’t get your fix or time you ‘need’, then you’ll go crazy or go to extreme measures to obtain it. Sneaking on the computer, aggressive behaviour or defensiveness aren’t signs for addictions, they’re signs for a problem that can be fixed. Addiction on the other hand, is extremely hard to fix. Take a child’s favourite toy away from them. They’ll probably get mad or upset and would like their toy back. Now is that an addiction the child has? No. Of course not. They just want their toy back because the child really likes it and might have a small obsession with it. But that’s a problem that can be easily fixed, unlike addiction. Too much internet usage can definitely be a problem, and will probably be an even bigger problem in the near future. But problems like these rely on the teenagers’ parents or the teenagers themselves to realize they are using the internet too much. I’m sure there will be even worse problems in the future, like the over usage of Google. Who needs knowledge if you can just pull out your awesome technology that can pull up and search it up? But that’s another problem for another time. I’ll leave other people to deal with that.
-Seemingly the only responsible teenager out there