Students in Computer Applications 9/10/11 wrote a short response to an article about Internet Addiction . Read what they had to say...

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Looking at Deep Thought Index# 13

The article “Internet Addiction: Too Much Time Online” discusses how an increasing amount of
teens are spending the majority of their time online rather than offline. I personally believe that most
teens spend too much time online. With the advance in media, kids and teens now, between the ages
of 8 to 18, spend an average of 10 hours and 45 minutes a day online, which is a good half of their day
(not including sleep). I know that most of my friends are either constantly getting distracted by the
internet, resulting in their homework to suffer, or they are repeatedly checking up on their thousands
of different social media networks, whether it’s on the computer or on their phone. Also, I know for
myself that I’m bordering on an internet addiction. For some reason, I am unable to start my
homework, unless the computer is on. The increasing and rapid improvements made to technology
and media cause young kids to become more interested and exposed to media at a younger age, and
teens that are already “addicted” will become more hooked. The internet addiction among teens is
simply going to become worse as the years go on.
Pinkie Pie