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Looking at Deep Thought Index# 2

The article 'Internet Addiction: Too Much Time Online' discusses whether youth spend too much time with media. I personally believe that teenagers spend an acceptable time online. As of today, music is becoming very popular. Teenagers with headphones are not rare, video games are discussed frequently, and so do TV shows and movies. However, that doesnít mean that teenagers are addicted to media. I personally consider them as entertainments. These entertainments do affect school grades or even sleep time sometimes, but 21th century canít be without entertainments, without Internet. On the other hand, teenagers love video games and their school grades are low, doesnít mean they wouldnít find a good job and make a good living in the future; they can be good at making video games and become game producers. Isnít that great when your job is doing your favourite thing? I am not here to encourage teenagers to spend most of their time online, instead of studying. If they canít manage their time properly, that will defiantly cause problems¨ónot only about their school grades, but their health is also concerned. Over all, I would say the time teenagers spend online is acceptable according to up to date research result.
Grade 0 Crazy Kid