Students in Computer Applications 9/10/11 wrote a short response to an article about Internet Addiction . Read what they had to say...

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Looking at Deep Thought Index# 1

The article “Internet Addiction: Too Much Time Online” discussed about the time youths and teens
spent on the internet. The study made by the Kaiser Family Foundation in January 2010 was
about the time spent using the computer and it increased more and more every few years.
Signs that showed “abusive” use of the internet would be spending enormous amounts of
time on the computer, giving up activities previously enjoyed before using the computer/internet
and not connecting with family members. I personally feel that many people spend too much time
online not relating to homework or research, such as online chatting or watching YouTube videos.
I myself am guilty of this because I too spend too much time online talking to friends and watching
YouTube videos. I’ve also stopped doing activities that I previously enjoyed doing before using the
computer, such as going to the park. I’ve also stopped connecting with my family and I sometimes
spend a lot of my homework time online. My sister too is guilty of this. She’s online for hours
and uses the internet until sometimes two in the morning. She spends some of it doing homework
and researching. But that’s only for a few minutes. She spends the rest of the time on Facebook,
chatting with friends and looking at people’s photos and status’, or watching YouTube videos or on
Tumblr. I think that if people continue to use the internet like this and not have enough sleep or
not doing homework, it would make a big impact to both health and grades.

Sam McKay
Grade 11